Little children remind us of what we used to understand as possible.  And they articulately communicate long-forgotten truths in simple terms.  My granddaughter Molly is just 22 months old, but she has discovered adventure.

Molly was a typical child in that when she mastered the art of walking, she soon recognized its greater potential.  So, as soon as she was confident in staying upright she innately and immediately knew that the way to make best use of this skill was to increase the speed.  She began to run everywhere.  In fact, it is necessary to keep a sharp eye because what she doesn’t seem to recognize, or acknowledge danger, and doesn’t seem willing to control the throttle.  She runs everywhere, and she does so just as fast as her little legs can get her there. 

This is not coincidental, because Molly clearly understands what she is doing.  She simply states, “Running”! and then takes off.  But the most intriguing development of her new-found skill is when she holds her arms straight out behind her like wings and then she states, “Flying”!  To the uninformed and typically older observer it doesn’t look any different than her ‘running’ gear, but I expect that what is going on inside little Molly’s mind is something totally different.  She is good at paying attention to passing birds and planes, so I am convinced that she is soaring in her imagination.

What a gift.  “Running”; “Flying”.  A reminder of the power of imagination – the generously shared image of the Creator.  For a toddler, all things are possible just by thinking it is so.  No one is mired in the past.  No one is without infinite possibility.  Just three simple steps: dream it, claim it and live it.  The only thing a little one needs is the idea, enough runway space, for their parent to let go, and the magic ingredient – remembering to giggle. 

It has been a long time since many people have giggled.  Their abilities to dream new possibilities have been grounded by hard realities of life.  The more adult the life, the harder the realities can be.  But regardless of anyone’s reality, no one need lose sight of the greater reality of love.  Where there is love, there is always the Infinite.  Where there is the Infinite, there are always endless possibilities.  Where there are endless possibilities there are always dreams.  Where there are dreams there is always hope.

Never forget that at some point, billions of years ago, the Infinite smiled, giggled, held his arms out straight behind him and simply stated, “Creating”!

His Peace,

Deacon Dan  

Photo by Emma Frances Logan on Unsplash